ATM & Visa UChoose Rewards Debit Cards
UChoose Rewards Program


ATM & Visa UChoose Rewards Cards

Your Frontenac Bank ATM card and VISA Bonus Rewards debit card offer the greatest flexibility and access to your funds whenever and wherever you need it.

UChoose Rewards Program

Using your Frontenac Bank Visa Bonus Rewards debit card is even more rewarding! Every time you use your Frontenac Bank Visa Bonus Rewards debit card for signature transactions, you will earn bonus points. And now you earn even more points by shopping at participating national, regional, local, and online merchants. For a complete list of participating retailers, visit

Redeem your UChoose points for just about anything--it's your choice. With the UChoose Rewards program, you select from millions of exciting products, travel experiences, event tickets and more.

You Shop, You Earn, You Choose…It’s that Simple. Earn rewards every time you select credit and sign for your purchases! Find out more: UChoose brochure

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