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estatementpc eStatements is the newest and fastest way to receive your monthly bank statements from Frontenac Bank. Why wait to receive your statements in the mail when you can receive immediate notification and delivery of statements with eStatements. You access your statements securely through online banking.

  • It's Quick & Easy!
  • You'll Receive Email Notification
  • Secure Access To Statement (access your statements through online banking)
  • Looks Just Like Your Paper Statement
  • Saves up 6 months of statements

GO GREEN! Save a lot of trees with eStatements!


How to sign up for e-Statements

estatementIf you already use Internet Banking, then you're halfway there! Email us at ibank@frontenacbank.comand provide us with your information requesting e-Statements or call Frontenac Bank at 314-298-8200.

If you are not signed up for Internet Banking, you can sign up here or contact us at 314-298-8200 and ask us how you can sign up for Internet Banking and e-Statements.

You can also talk to your personal banker at any of our Frontenac Bank locations and ask about Internet Banking and e-Statements.

Security Information

Your actual statement is not sent through email. Instead, you receive email notification that your eStatement is available to view in Online Banking. You must then log onto Internet Banking.

You will begin receiving eStatements and stop receiving paper statements with your next statement cycle. Please note that due to statement processing cycles, you may receive one last paper statement before electronic statements begin.

You will receive your account statement online instead of in the mail. Your eStatement appears as an image of your actual printed statement (a “pdf file”).An e-mail notification is sent to you each month when your statement is available to view online.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Will I continue to receive my printed statement in the mail if I sign up for eStatements?
No, when you sign up for eStatements you will no longer receive a paper statement in the mail.

What if I sign up for eStatements and then decide I would like to receive paper statements again?
You can request paper statements by calling us at 314-298-8200 or by emailing us at

Can I have my eStatement notification sent to multiple e-mail addresses?
eStatement notifications are sent to one, valid email address that you select.

Can I have my eStatement notification sent to an International e-mail address?
Any valid email address can be used.

Who do I call if I have questions about my eStatement?
Contact us at by email at or phone 314-298-8200

How do I change the e-mail address to which my eStatement notifications are sent?
Call 314-298-8200 during business hours. After we verify your identity, we will change your e-mail address.

How will I know when my eStatement is available to view online?
You will receive an email notification when your new eStatement is available to view online.

What if I need to see past statements?
Up to 6 months of past statements will be available for viewing on eStatement. You may request copies of past statements by contacting Frontenac Bank at 314-298-8200.

What should I do if I do not receive an email notification? 
Statements are always available when you view your checking account in Online Banking. Click on the “E-Statements” button on the Account Detail page in the site. If you fail to receive e-mail notification of your statement’s availability, we may have an outdated e-mail address on file for you. Please contact the Bank if you have changed your e-mail address.

Sign up today for eStatements. Contact your Frontenac Bank personal banker at 314-298-8200. Do it today!

*OnLine Banking required for eStatements enrollment.

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